Meanwhile, at the Tokio Hotel production meeting...

Jost: so kids, what are the new songs about?
Bill: weather
Jost: ...how surprising. What now? Rain, monsoons...?
Bill: sunsets
Tom: in LA
Jost: ...right. And?
Georg: dogs. Mainly my dog and Tom's.
Jost: oh really? a surprise after another...
Gustav: and also me saving the world
Jost: wait. what?
Gustav: through a videogame
Jost: you mean this time you won't sing about the end of the world and all that shit, but instead you will SAVE the world? you leave me speechless, guys.
Tom: and also reden
Jost: what?
Tom: reden part 2
Jost: ...Tom. You have a girlfriend now.
Tom: okay, then ria-den
Jost: ...
Jost: yeah whatever, and how's the album called?
Bill: Soon
Jost: and when you think it will be ready?
Bill: ...
Tom: ...
Georg: ...
Gustav: ...
Bill: not soon

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2013-06-05 в 13:48 

Английское слово soon русскоязычные фанаты понимают уже без перевода :gigi:


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